Switching deploy vb and c# code

wenn i’m switching between c# 2010 express and vb 2010 express i get the following message wenn starting deploying

[quote]Updating display configuration. THE MAINBOARD WILL NOW REBOOT.
To continue debugging, you will need to restart debugging manually (Ctrl-Shift-F5)[/quote]

what does that mean?

  • using c# i can use the hole display
  • using vb the half text in the first row is missing

i’m trying to transpose my vb-code project to c# so i use the same hardware both times.
Simultaneously both VS-express are open, alternating i use one off them deploying and testing the code

I assume that your VB code initializes the display a bit different than the C# code.
This would explain the rebbot message and the different display behaviour.
I don’t think the two VS Express apps make a problem. Normally they only connect on deploy and during a debug session. This is at least my experiance with multiple VS and MFDeploy running at the same time.

Changing language should not require a reboot because of a display change, unless you chose a different display. It is easy to confuse the T35 and the TE35.

@ Mike
i will check my code this evening.
works both driver with the displays ?
could this the reason for the missing 1/2 row

OK newby mistake
thanks for your help