SWIFT on windows and VSC

Has anyone done SWIFT coding on a windows machine? And used VS Code? I tried it and it is not working for me!

@Mike do you still use mac?

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Yes, I still use the Mac. But I have not done any SWIFT coding.

Something in my mind is broken and I am unable to latch on to Apple’s programming paradigms. Or maybe, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”.

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Objective C is something I hated day one but SWIFT is cool. It looks like C# to me!

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Some months ago I tried some samples with SwiftUI on a Mac to write iPhone Apps. The main and only reason for me to try it was that it is made for the iPhone GUI (iPhone look and feel). As far as I know Apps for iOS require a Mac to be compiled on. For other platforms than iOS (e.g. for a Windows PC) I actually don’t see a good reason why to use Swift or SwiftUI (is this possible?) I’m just trying MAUI on Visual Studio which can be used to code in C# for Windows, iOS, MacOS and Android.

(40) Chris Lattner: The Future of Computing and Programming Languages | Lex Fridman Podcast #131 - YouTube

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I have it all installed on windows but it is erroring out. Looks like I am going to need to get me a mac!

try illegally on virtualbox install macos
(based on internet instructions) :smiley: