Swag of the week/month/year!

Today’s “Swag of the week/month/year!” was donated by NashMicro (@ ianlee74).


Thanks for the BIG laugh!

@ Mike - I look pretty intimidating in the picture, do I look that intimidating in person? :whistle:

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6’8"?? Really? wouldn’t mess with you on a bad day :smiley:

I might of fudged the height a few inches…lol 8)

Michigan techies be looking a lot different from the standard-issue crystal-grippin, granola-crunchin’, left-coasters that I usually encounter.

@ Gary - Big guy with the tatts on the left; lol. As soon I look at it I’m thinking

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I LOVE IT!!! Thanks, guys!

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There are all kinds of techies here…lol

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I think that I have never said anything to be put on one of your lists answers that question. :open_mouth:

fair point… :open_mouth:

At 5’7" I am not standing next to you too. :-[

lol…I’m only 6’2", it makes it funnier to me that I am 6’8" in the picture

So dare I ask, who is the brawn and who is the brain in this outfit? Gary looks intimidating, but on the other hand, dynamite comes in small packages…

Gus is definitely the brains, I am the “a**hole” that keeps people working and makes them come in on their days off! :smiley:

Gary the enforcer… :slight_smile:

I’m not sure about that, Gus said I was “fluffy” this morning! ;D

was he just talking about flatulence though ???!

I think it was intended to be a new “Fluffer” job title :smiley:

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