SurfaceMount Compute Modules (SCM) vs Universal Compute Modules (UCM) - Tech Talk 051

We compare the differences and uses for both SurfaceMount Compute Modules (SCM) and Universal Compute Modules (UCM) and when each should be used in your design.


I prefer the flexibility of the Compute Module, but I have a high vibration environment. Is there anyway to minimise the risk of intermittent connectors? Should I just use a G30 as a SPI buffer in the event of intermittent?

Surface Mount with an additional stress relief mechanical restraint would be your best bet.

Lol … i expected to see the SCM G30 & G80 too as a low cost options … & G400 is so powerful to be icluded in simple projects i guess

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@netmf its easy to guess :yum:

it show how much it’s funny to work with a suface mounted module instead having a headach with wiring & soldering a complicated microcontroller includind his own components to make it run & hopping to not burn it or if it will work or not :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

sorry if my video dont represent the main subject of the topic but i included it as an exemple only

Yea SO-DIMM module are so much better!

EDIT: But in high vibration applications I guess surface mounted is more reliable and worry free.

Im interested in the Breakout Dev board mentioned by Gus here

But where do I find them on the new web site?


For now, all you see is for close partners and internal use only. There will be some big announcements around the release of the new products.

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