Surface Mount SD Card?

Does any one know of a Chip that acts just like a SD Card? I am trying to get the functionality of an SD Card without having to get a socket and rather just having a permanent card on my board; Something that is Surface mount or through hole is fine.

I have been searching quite a bit, but haven’t found anything. Anyone know?


Has been talked about before - all be it briefly…

Personally I’d take the flash module components and @ Taylorza’s file system driver and use that, if I really wanted to do what you’re proposing. But what I have in my parts bin is a micro-SD surface mount holder :slight_smile:

This makes me think if a micro SD card can be wave soldered. I’ll have to try it.

Wave soldering is primarily for through-hole devices? Are you thinking, glue the microSD, and wave solder it? Interesting, for sure!

Quality MicroSD (32GB), <$30 shipped:
32Mbit Spansion flash chip (4MB), ~$1 plus shipping:

To get 32GB worth of Spansion flash, even in the biggest modules carried by DigiKey, it takes >1000 chips, and >$4500 plus shipping (but hey, you get a nice volume discount!), and then you have to wire them all up to the SPI bus, and use who-knows-what to manage the CS lines, a car battery or so to run the thing, no wear leveling, etc, etc, etc.

When it comes to flash, unless you don’t need much at all, MicroSD is extremely attractive!

@ godefroi,

Man, i had my head up my rectum when i said that. I am going to put some solder paste down and place it in the board oven and see if the SD card plastic can take the heat.
Just curious more than anything .

Hirose has a Hinge SD Card Slot, which allows it to be placed in the middle of a circuit board.
May be they have a MicroSD Version as well.