Supported touch screens

May I ask which displays are supported?
My distributor has the following touch screens:


  • DPP-AT2412B63511-BFH
  • DPP-AT3224Z63511-BFH
  • DPP-CT4827
  • DPP-CT3224-2
  • DPP-CT8048
  • DPP-CT1060

Matrix orbital:

  • GLT240128-WB
  • GLT240128-USB-WB

What displays do you suggest?

Thank you!

Hi Foekle,

I saw your mail in my inbox a few minutes ago :smiley:

What do you mean with “supported”?

did you mean a direct drop-in solution?

The Demmel LCD’s are not like a normal RGB-controlled display. The have an own display controller onboard.

You have to write your own driver (for example for RS232 or I2C)

In my opinion the display your are listed are not directly supported by GHI

But it was a good question: Which display was used in the youtube video?

Is it the same GHI use in the EMX dev board?

Or can we use the display from the EMX dev board?



Hello cypher,

Indeed, did send the email, but outlook was doing weird and I thought this might interest other people also, that’s why I posted this.

Yes, I thought so, those demmel screens are some sort of development boards.

Yes, that’s something I would really like to know. Because I definately would like a touch screen like that one. But I will have to wait for my distributor, because shipping is too expensive for just a screen…

found 2 screens on the GHI site:

[quote]PT0353224T-A802 is a 320x240 3.5" TFT Display with touch screen.
Running on EMX module[/quote]

[quote]LQ043T1DG01 is a 480x272 4.3" TFT Display with touch screen from Sharp.
Running on ChipworkX module (could this work with EMX?)[/quote]

You can use any display you like and of any size!
The display must be TFT with digital TFT interface, 16-bit or more.

In general, you can get these sizes very easily, 3.5", 4.3", 5.7" and 7"

Smaller displays under 3.5" usually have 8086 interface not TFT…so you can’t use them. Also, displays larger than 7" have analog interface and so you can’t use them. We did find a 12" display that works. Keep in mind that 10"+ displays are not cheap, $400 each or more!

If you are not a professional who have experience with displays then just use the ones we provide or buy some consulting hours from GHI to find you the right display.

So both displays work? It does not matter that one of them is used for the chipworkx?

That would be great since my distributor has the one for chipworkx on stock, this saves me shipping costs :slight_smile:


I didn’t check any of your displays so I do not know if they would work. You, or your distributor, need to check on that…or like I said, buy some GHI consulting hours to find you a display.
All I did was to point out what to look for when looking for a display.

This is a time consuming processes to find a display…find data sheet (which you didn’t include), then read them and study them…then find out what built in controller is used and find its datasheet (which is usually not easy find!)

I think he meant either of the two GHI listed displays, not the ones from the original post. :slight_smile:

Yes the ones we provide are tested and provide the display docs.

Good. Then I will order the 4,3" TFT Touch screen soon.

My cobra should arrive today :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Thank you for your time and effort.