Support tab was moved

A quick FYI note: In order to serve newcomers better, we moved the support tab to GHI main website Support – GHI Electronics

Having a link here to that page would help. Maybe between “GHI electronics” and “Forum” in the menu bar above?


I agree with Architect, it would be good to have a link to the Support page from the TinyCLR site.

I like Architect’s suggestion … if you’re can’t do that, how about putting a link to the forum in the Resources page?

I like the news & community projects showing up on the main site!

I think we need a link from the forums to the support pages. Maybe a sub-menu item under GHI Electronics?

Very often when I am trying to answer a question on the forum, I need to refer to the support area.

The new page for the GHI 4.2 SDK download shows a date of Sept 14th but now points to the August 24th release.
Unless a new SDK is coming out today, it might be worth while to match the dates.

I also notice that all the links to the gadgeteer module tutorials have gone from the support page

They are here:

Main menu → Support → .NET Micro Framework

@ mhectorgato - The tab is there indeed. But the page used to have bunch of links to wiki pages. Each page is a tutorial for a module. These links are not there anymore.

I could have sworn there was one for each module.

There was.

Gotcha … yeah I saw the tab and assumed (and you know what happens then)

Ok so I’m not going mad then. Those little tutorials were really useful examples.

We removed those individual modules tutorials and they will be added right on the catalog under each module’s download. Is this a bad idea?

We are doing this so tehy are maintained better, we add a module, we add related downloads right on the catalog. No need to update any other pages.

This is fine as long as you maintain a “Retired Modules” section and the tutorials aren’t lost as they evolve.


this will be better :slight_smile: