Support for the Load module on Cream?

Any chance we’ll see it coming soon? (and the XBee module ;))

The load module is very simple, same as breakout. Xbee is just a serial port.

Afraid I’m even simpler. So does that mean I don’t need module support for it? Any samples on those?

I mean you do not have to wait. But we will get to them and add more modules in the future. I am actually surprised the load module is not included as it is extremely simple. I will check with the team.

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What did they say?

That said they will be adding it. We are currently busy with the sdk, so give it some time please.

@ Squeebee - The GHIElectronics.UWP.Gadgeteer nuget package has been updated with support for a few more modules, Load among them.

There’s just something nice doing business with a company where “give it some time” means less than three hours. :wink:

Thanks guys!

Please spread the word about how amazing we are, especially @ John.

Oh I shall. Lots of new modules in this go-round, thanks so much @ John!

Quick question: No XBee module, which I understand I can go direct, any hint on how that would look in code?

@ Squeebee - I would start by looking at any serial examples posted by Microsoft. We have not yet tested serial in the Gadgeteer framework.

I have some xbee code, I was more just trying to determine how I’d tell it where to find the xbee module based on the socket it was connected to. I just need to know how to identify socket 2 as being the XBee, does it take a specific COM port?

@ Squeebee - there is only one serial port on the rpi, correct?

Aah, I am perhaps under-thinking the problem. :wall: