Support for NETMF 4.1 and VS2010

GHI no longer support any version older than VS2010 and NETMF 4.1

Please upgrade before you ask for support. All upgrades are free so why not? :slight_smile:

Start new project and test it out first. Once it is working then you can try to use the old project. If you had problems, do NOT ask for support yet. First, make a new project using NETMF 4.1 then add your old files instead of using the old project.

We want to support you as much as possible, promptly and for free but at the same time we ask you to help us in making the support easier, for your and everyone’s benefit.

I purposely locked this topic. Please make new topic with any problems you have.

Not sure how tr upgrade?

  1. Uninstall all GHI NETMF SDKs, Microsoft NETMF SDK, Visual studio 2008
  2. Visit the downloads page and follow the installation steps [url][/url]
  3. The FEZ tutorial should be a great help if you are lost.
  4. That is it :wink:

Thanks :slight_smile: