Support for Keyboard, Mouse and other usb device

Where I can get info about productId and VendorId for keyboard and mouse ?

 var usbclient = GHIElectronics.TinyCLR.Devices.UsbClient.UsbClientController.GetDefault();

    usbclient.SetActiveSetting(GHIElectronics.TinyCLR.Devices.UsbClient.UsbClientMode.Cdc, **0x1234**, **0x5678**);

only cdc and winusb are supported at this time.

Thanks @Dat_Tran, is it possible to adopt the similar implementation from Netmf GHI.Usb

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Of course possible but can you first explain what are you trying to do for a commercial product need?

I want to rebuild old shell-like UI, so we can operate the device (update firmware, view logs, view files, change config, execute script, etc) like we had a tiny command line interface…

Using a USB keyboard?

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usb keyboard is indeed (for example if we attach ready existing device on usb such are)

  • usb rfid reader (that act as keyboard by outputting string \enter)
  • usb barcode reader (that act as keyboard by outtputting string \enter) …

but i still do testing for other things and yet not tested usb cdc - maybe this will be enough …

Those examples make sense for supporting Keyboard commercially:

  1. Access to internal terminal for config
  2. USB scanners (which are just keyboards)

USB Keyboard is now supported in preview 5


What a good news, thanks @Gus_Issa. I’ll try tomorrow

Preview 5 isn’t quite up there yet, I’m sure it will be sooooooon!

Today or tomorrow. Are you keeping an eye on GitHub?


on wait to test BARCODE READER (USB RFID READER which work like keyboard too) …

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That’s done !!! :wink:

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