Super Friday Announcement (Glide, Linux, 4.2 QFE2 and SQLite)

Thanks to the dedicated work from our developers and the support from the TinyCLR community, we have so much to share with you today so lets get started.

New Building

We have just purchased a building to keep up with our ever-growing production needs. The new building is about 40,000 sqf in a techy area in Troy, Michigan. We plan to install more assembly lines and expand our production capabilities, from custom-customer-builds to laser-cutting enclosures and more. We are currently renovating the building and expect to have completely moved by the end of this year.

Glide is now Apache License 2.0

Glide is our popular graphical library for NETMF that comes with a graphical designer. We changed the GLP License to Apache License 2.0 allowing users to use the code in commercial applications without paying royalties or the need to release any private code. This is also to match the licensing with .NET Micro Framework and .NET Gadgeteer.

Linux for NETMF Devices

We’d like to thank Chris Walker and Brian Jepson for starting the work on proving that NETMF can be used with Mono Develop on Linux. The process was difficult and we weren’t able to do the complete compile to deploy steps. That’s when we decided to build an open-source Linux tool to automate the process. The tool simply takes your Mono Develop project file and parses it to determine what libraries are needed. Next, it invokes the compiler with proper NETMF switches. The compiled DLLs are then converted to NETMF PE files, which are combined into one database file and converted to SREC HEX file ready for deployment to any NETMF device using a Linux-compiled MFDeploy tool. Find the video and tutorial on our wiki.

SDK Package Support for NETMF 4.2 QFE2

NETMF 4.2 QFE2 was just released recently by Microsoft. It includes many bug fixes and improvements. Our favorite is the faster boot time. We have merged QFE2 into our code-base and a release candidate is available for immediate download.

SQLite Database Support added to EMX and G120

Having database capabilities in a NETMF system has been a GHI Electronics exclusive for years on ChipworkX. We thought it was important to add this feature to more boards, so SQLite is now available on EMX and G120. No additional licensing or charges are needed, just download the latest SDK package.


Awesome !

[ul]New Building - super cool , more space for more toys
Glide - Free !
Linux based development - now that is what I really like - Thanks to Chris Walker, Brian and GHI
QFE2 is awesome - fast boot (almost instant on my COBRA, SQL database running on my COBRA with USB drive)[/ul]

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the wife is gonna hate you for stealing the weekend from her… :wink:



WOOOOOOOOT!!! Awesome guys. better and better. This is indeed a super friday :smiley:

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It will be late tonight :slight_smile:

Congrads on the growth and the new building and thanks for the goodies.

You guys rock!

That’s great news, thanks for this awesome info :slight_smile:

NICE! Now I just need a G120 board (or 10 of 'em)! :slight_smile:

Great work everyone!

Great news!!!

Awesome guys, keep’em coming…

Ok sqlite on emx modules is great. This would allow us to make some major updates to some of our projects. But all of our projects use in field updating also, and if i read the post correctly that isn’t supported yet with the 4.2 version? Any idea when this will be in? Is there a roadmap?



Do any of those updates do anything for the Cerbuino Bee?

The MF 4.2 QFE SDK has meaning to the Cerbuino Bee. It is used on all the GHI platforms.


I have updated my Cobra board and my development environment.
I am experiencing some problem with my project.
I have a WebServer (using HttpListener) and it freezes randomly.
When this happens the system is hanging( I have to hard reset the board).
(Needless to say that the same code with 4.1 was running perfectly)

Is there a problem with the HttpListener?

@ AniDavid - Welcome to the forum.

Please start new topic with your question.

Database support for EMX!! This is the best news I’ve heard all year!

I’ve been thinking of ways to get past the no-database support on the EMX and the best I could come up with was CSV and JSON type files, which is not ideal in my application.

I will however have to wait for the in field update to be implemented before I can use the new SDK. Luckily I have a year to finish my project, hopefully it will be sorted by then.

Anyway, great job GHI.