Sunlight readable LCD or Touch Screen?

Has anyone interfaced a sunlight readable LCD or touch screen to the FEZ units? I see that there are several displays offered by GHI, but I am not sure if any are readable in full sunlight as most appear backlit, and I think I need a trans-reflective touchscreen. Color is not important. Moderate update times - this is not for gaming, but 2Hz update is necessary.
Thanks for help!

Hi, rockybooth. Suggestions for sunlight readable displays have popped up several times around here, and I’m sure everyone’s got their favorites. For what it’s worth, I’m using this one:

Thanks for the reply. I will look into those displays

Have a look at the Newhaven Displays website as they have a high brightness 5" LCD that has a capacitive touch that helps to increase the brightness you lose through using resistive touch displays. THey say it will work well in sunlight. It is transmissive though. Not found many colour displays that are transflective or even reflective. No issue if you want to use Mono.

These work with the GHI boards if you can build your own PCB for them.

Simon on this forum created a driver that is in the creations section for the touch screen.

I’m using a sunlight readable display from Midas displays via RS components. It’s also availiable from Densitron Displays via Element 14.

It’s pretty pricy compared to the GHI offerings, but has much better viewing angles. I haven’t tested it outdoors yet, but so far it seems good. It’s based on the Casio Blanview technology if you want to Google it.

@ Hagster. Do you have any part numbers as I could not find any sunlight readable displays on Element14 website, especially under Densitron.

@ Dave. RS say it’s made by ORTUS Technologies and FARNEL/ELEMENT14 say it’s made by MIDAS. I have both the RS and FARNEL parts and can confirm they are both the same. As far as I can make out the screen available from Densitron is exactly the same.

DENSITRON DBC-48027243-1A0

This is for a 4.3" screen, but other sizes are available and also with built in Touchscreen.

Thanks for that.

Looks like only up to 4.3 but this is ideal to work with the GHI G120 and G400 but a real shame on the price. :frowning:

Element14 are not known for good pricing so I may try to find this from another stockist.

Thanks for the heads up though.