Sunlight Readable Display

Since some folks here have asked about sunlight readable displays, I thought I’d share results from my own testing.

I’m using a display from Advanced Link Photonics, model SRC070-LED. It is a 7-inch transflective display with an LED backlight and resistive touchscreen. The pictures show the display’s performance when viewed in direct sunlight at noon on a cloudless summer day in Southern California.

It is being driven by a GHI VideoOut Module connected to a FEZ Cobra II.

That looks very nice.

I am still looking for a native sunlight readable LCD display, ie, with a digital RGB interface, similar to the Newhaven 4.3 and 5" range.

I want to be able to connect this direct to the LCD signals on the Cobra, G400 etc.

@ Dave - This particular display uses an A/D board to convert a VGA input to parallel RGB666 signals that the LCD panel itself uses. In theory it should be possible to bypass the A/D board and go straight into the panel. The underlying LCD panel is an AU Optronics A070VW01 V1. I can provide you with a datasheet if this is something you want to pursue.

We opted to stick with VGA since tinkering with various timings would slow down development and would add several test cycles just to get it right. But if you do decide to tackle this, perhaps I can borrow your settings :slight_smile:

Thanks for the additional information.

I found the datasheet but it is not a simple 3.3V with digital interface and requires other voltages so I’ll keep looking.

It’s also CCFL which I really don’t like. I prefer LED as no high voltages to sting you and no messy PCB layouts to deal with. Got stung in the past and it bloody hurts! :slight_smile:

@ Dave - It looks like they made the switch to LED from CCFL at some point but didn’t change the docs because my unit has an LED.

Another possible option is to choose a panel that you really like, and have a 3rd-party company tweak the optics so it becomes sunlight readable. That’s actually what Advanced Link Photonics does – they don’t manufacture the panels themselves but instead purchase standard LCD panels and add their proprietery optical layers to make it sunlight readable. With sufficient quantity, I’m fairly certain they can extend this to you as a custom service if there’s a particular panel you want.

I only build small runs so I don’t want to invest in a custom solution. Ideally I would want an off the shelf LCD.

If I find anything and get it working with the native LCD interface, I’ll let you know.