Suggestions please RF module

I am designing a persistence of vision device that will rotate on a motor shaft at 3,600 RPM or greater. It will use hall effect sensors to detect rotation speed.

the first one will use

  • 24 x 5 mm neopixels (RGB)
  • a mbuino with coin cell battery
  • a real time clock
  • an RF receiver paired with a RF transmitter on another mbed device or a RPi or something
  • some battery solution for the neopixels

I want to send commands to the mbuino to change the display to preset items. Eventually the transmitting system will accept voice commands to change the display. I will probably use the voice command system on a RPi and then try to get it working on a 1768 mbed. But initially just sending commands can be done with an arduino or mbuino.

I’m more interested in programming the POV display than tweaking the RF protocol or even struggling to get the RF device to work.

So I am looking for suggestions for an RF device that I can get working on the mbuino pretty easily. Transmission distance will be close, maybe up to 20 feet at the most.

I’m thinking this can be bluetooth but I am not sure which device to buy. But I’m guessing there may be many choices to consider. So have out it and let me know your thoughts.

I’m guessing this will take a few months to get a working prototype (work gets in the way of life). I will blog about it when it is working.

Once I get this working great I will upscale it to at least 48 LEDs and maybe more.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Very interesting project.

Look for bluegiga BLE modules.

That is what @ Justin uses in his BLE Gadgeteer module.

There are also cheap HM-10 modules.

I think @ Brett has some and I am sure would share more info about his experience.

This seems to be what I am looking for. Will contact @ Brett

That’s a spiffy module, there, and cheap!

HM-10’s are exceedingly cheap, yes, so of course they appealed to me :slight_smile: Scottish ancestry shone thru

They are not well documented. There are many projects out there to hack these including firmware changes, but for me all I am interested in is getting them onto a Gadgeteer module and getting it working. I have it working to a point where I can connect it to a PC, I have not attempted to do anything past that point (I have the datasheet open at the moment and the board in front of me).

I made a 3v3 only breakout board with Gadgeteer socket on it; still revising it to get something complete. Otherwise you can just have some of the BoB’s made that this person started or use them as a starting point.

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