Suggestions for development environment?

I’ve been developing in C# on .Net for a long time, but in the PC environment. In that environment, if I create a libary, I would compile that library into an assembly, and store it in a common directory, so that I could reference it from several projects.

I’ve been looking at all the example “drivers” and applications on the TinyCLR web site, and am not sure the best way to organize my development environment, so that it fits the NETMF way of doing things.

For example: I want to use the Fez Touch driver in several of my applications. I could copy the C# file for the driver into each project, but then then I would have to remember to update several instances of the driver when the original file is changed by the developer.

I also want to create several of my own libraries to share amongst my projects, but I don’t want to maintain several copies.

Is there a best practice for how to do this? Any suggestions?


I don’t see any problem with what you are asking. It’s no different then the full blown .Net Framework.

Create a Micro Framework class library, put your stuff in it, compile, and reference the resulting dll into your other micro framework projects.

Thanks Eric. I understand that I can do that, but I’m wondering if that is what most people do?

If I develop a libary or driver, and want to share it with others on tinyCLR with an example project, would it be better to include the library files in the same project, or a sub-project, or in a referenced DLL?

There is one problem in ding that, your libraries will be compiled against current GHI libraries so once GHI release a new SDK, you will have ot recompile against newer DLLs

Thanks Gus. That’s a good point. I’ll make sure I organize my projects in such a way that facilitates distribution to others.