Suggestion: Unread messages, show date/time of last post

Forgive me if it’s already been mentioned … but I think it would be helpful to show when the last post was made in the Unread link (

Perhaps under the poster’s name, since the there’s 2 lines per row.

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I like this idea, when implemented i sugest a clock with the GHI-mean-time
I allways ask my self what time somewhere is…

Added a time under last poster name. Mouse over for full date and time.

Thanks! This is helpful (to me at least).

@ Josh - its helpfull, but why only in the unread messages. Just had searched a thread and only remember it was last weekend… Lots off threads to look at…

Date and Time helps everywhere

I agree with VB-Daniel. This would be useful everywhere, especially when the automatic “unread messages” feature stops working, and we don’t know which messages are unread!