SUggestion for wifi / bluetooth combo

Creating a portable device to support wifi and bluetooth BLE functioniality…can people suggest what modules would be recommended using the GHI boards? I assume i can use any module if it has its own commands. I like modules that have a simple AT command set to interact with them instead get support drivers which can cause issues, increase dev time etc

I have been revsing broadcom wifi/blue combo
Redpine wifi/bluetooth combo

It’s not available yet, but Espressif has the new WROOM32 - [url][/url] coming out soon.

@ munderhill - Lets see, today is August 5th and that document date is August 5th. I guess you nailed that one :slight_smile:

Looks like an interesting combo.

Are any of there chips available? The wifi ble from atmel seem pretty cool…the redpine systems combo are expensive

@ anthonys - I just heard back from Espressif, these modules will be available in September

they contact me too and they said september…so it might be before xmas before we get it in any one hands.