Suggestion for DuinoProto

While working on DaisyLink I really would like to have on of the connectors to be rotated 180 degrees for the “*”. May be for a v 2.0?

Couldn’t you solder the connector that way?

I can, but then I will have the same issue on the next module in the chain. I’ll have to plug the cable facing inside the module.

If you solder the connector rotated, the IDC pinout will not match the silk screen and may be confusing to the builder.

Also, rotating the connector on the DuinoProto is a NO-NO. As the power connections are already made. If you rotate the connector then you feed power to non-power pins…

Exactly, It does require some rerouting. I am thinking about modifying the current DuinoProto for that purpose and may be getting a few made by DorkbotPDX. But I’d rather wait if GHI is going to offer that and order from GHI.

How about connectors on both top sides of the board?

We can upgrade duinoproto in next run.