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Suggestion -FEZ groups


hi, i think there should be fez groups, in addition to forum and code, since there are peoples working on the same projects, quadcopters, CNC mills and such. That would provide a great place for collaboration i think!


+1 on that one.

The closest thing to collaboration we currently have is the wiki - e.g. the Fez Ant project:

It would be cool to have a group mechanism like Google Groups or similar.


You guys mean groups here on forum or on facebook/google+?


I meant here on, like googlegroups. That would be awesome!


@ c0ax… there could be groups through “meetup” see link were in one city, one group shares and/or has a copetition to another citys group, based on GHI and/or FEZ technology. The use of web cams, or live broadcast through JustinTV , and other methods can be used for live communications… it also helps meet like minded individuals. The thing with these events is that you have to have a place, or look for a place to have your “meetups” they dont provide a location for you.

not that I’m starting one, but if anybody is interested in something like this, please give some feed back. :slight_smile:


I personally think Google+ would be great…except they don’t let their paying customers use the service :frowning:


Yepp, there are a couple of places, but having one here on tinyclr, with the forum profile allready in place, Easy access to forum, code and specs etc would be great. extra work for GHI but it would generate website traffic, better beat netduino to it :wink:


I personally would rather see GHI devote it’s resources to improving NETMF and the GHI SDKs and take advantage of the great tools already available for these types of collaboration. It would be a lot easier/cheaper to integrate G+ or FB into this site than to try and duplicate that functionality.


I said it would be nice, but if it comes up to choosing between great products or having the ability to manage groups here, well that’s an easy choice :wink:


We will keep trying our best. GHI have just hired 5 more people in the last month alone…it will only be better :slight_smile:


Congratulations! That is always a good sign.


@ Gus - so are you going to “introduce” us to the new employees? I did see someone called Dat appear on the forum…


You will see them around here slowly. These guys have the “GHI logo” by their name so we have ot make sure they are knowledgeable enough to answer questions. Yes Dat is one of them.


Great news! Great companies always know how to make things happen even during a recession. Give me a shout when you’re ready to open the Tennessee branch :wink: