Suggestion: Compatibility List

Can we add a pinned post listing the boards that can be used with TinyCLROS? The post could be updated if and when new hardware is added.

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I think this is where wiki posts help. I haven’t tried this, have you?

Yup. When you post a topic, there will be an ellipsis (…) at the bottom. Click or tap that, then click or tap the wrench icon. One option should be to make it a wiki.

Keep in mind that anyone with sufficient privileges can edit a wiki post. Might not be what you want in this case. But that feature is very useful for tips, FAQs, etc.

As a regular, are you able to make such topic?

I think so. Let me give it a try…

Update…the answer is yes, I can create a topic and make it a wiki, which I’ve done:

What I don’t think I have the permissions to do is make it a sticky post, which I think would make sense, since making it sticky will help reduce the number of posts asking the question…

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I updated the wiki topic with the list of boards from the Github repo for TinyCLR ports.

Feel free to tweak the language…I gave it a first pass, but you may want to massage the language a bit.

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Great, pinned.