Suggested use of ferrules and screw terminal blocks with gadgeteer connectors

I’ve found ferrules used with screw terminal blocks to be a more mechanically stable way to connect gadgeteer sockets on a vibrating platform than breadboard pins and sockets.


And the gadgeteer lives on :grinning:

That looks suspiciously like a hexabot.

Gadgeteer forever ! :wink:

Yes agree, we always use Ferrules on all cables that go into screw down terminals. Its amazing after you do that how much abuse cable ends can handle out int he field.

Correct tool the job and all that!!

I also use ferrules for all connections, even for hole projects these days too. Money and time well spent.

Also, having the correct tool to make up crimp pins is worth the cost too. For years I used a cheap Chinese made crimp tool for the Molex KK connections. It worked but was fiddly to make up but the cable would occasional pull out if pull the connector off by the cables. Since I switched to using a proper expensive (around US$500) Molex branded tool, pulling on the cables would pull the crimp out of the socket rather than leave it in there. It would of course be damaged by this but it did prove that the correct tool is worth the purchase price. I use these connectors for everything where I need a board level connection that doesn’t need the use of a screw terminal.

Your suspicion may be justified.


Ah, I got to build one of those one day.

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Wow…, is this thing under US military non diclosure restriction or is it documented somewhere as an open source project?

Okay, the thing is way over-engineered. It’s a retirement project, and I absolutely don’t know what I’m doing. The structure (minus the servos) came from a kit. The controller and payload are symptomatic of my own peculiar requirements. Right now I’m dealing with the device drivers. The interesting software comes later.

Looks great, …happy coding. Let us see it move when you made some progress.

Had the thing doing several of the standard gaits, but rebuilt the hexapod and remote control to keep up with current technology. So now I have to rewrite the software. (I’m a retired geezer with no managers or customers to hound me, so I can do that.)