Suggested Tech Talk: Intro to Porting TinyCLR OS

I’d love to see a Tech Talk that goes through the specific step by step process required to port TinyCLR OS and run a blinky (or whatever) program on a new board. Either the 32F469IDISCOVERY or 32F413HDISCOVERY would be a great choice since they both have external RAM and ROM and lots of the usual peripherals. I’d prefer to see more detail rather than less even if the tech talk runs to an hour or more, or is delivered in several talks, or whatever makes sense. I’m sure GHI has plans for this to happen at the appropriate point in the TinyCLR OS release cycle but here’s my vote for sooner rather than later. I’m on vacation for a couple of days so no rush, anytime in the next week or 2 would be fine :slight_smile:


We are finalizing a couple of things and I am still waiting for them. Making a video that becomes outdated in weeks is pointless.

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There aren’t many videos in this industry that don’t become outdated in weeks :wink: I’m looking forward to this video as well.

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I’m hoping you realize I was joking about “the next week or 2”. I’ve been told by more than a few people that I have a pretty weird sensor of humor. I don’t know, maybe it’s true.

I know that was a joke but I am in fact very anxious to get it out. Porting TinyCLR OS is very easy. This is one of the TinyCLR design requirements.

I want to see every circuit running TinyCLR OS by the end of the year. Crazy ambitious? Sure but we have some very creative users here. We just need to hand them the tools.


@Gus_Issa This is actually somewhat related to something I was thinking of recently. Since TinyCLR can be ported to other chips so easily what will be the purpose of you providing G30 & G80 SoCs? Will there be proprietary functions on those chips that aren’t available to a ported chip? Maybe I’m missing something but it sounds like the only benefit is that TinyCLR would come pre-loaded on these chips.