Suggested addition to Modbus library

It would be helpful to have the Read/Write Multiple Registers have an option for a Byte[] return instead of a Short[]. I realize Modbus is based on 16bit registers but when working with 32 or 64-bit values and running them through BitConverter having it in Byte[] is required.
The built-in Modbus library packs the received Byte[] into the Short[], then when I get the Short[] I end up converting it back to a Byte[] which adds extra overhead.

For now, I can add the function to the library but it would be nice to have it as part of the standard so I don’t have to maintain a custom library. I am guessing that others who use Modbus probably will run into the same situation at some point.

Just add and make pr and sens us that funtion. Thanks.

I back @skeller on suggestion…we use Modbus, and the more of these ‘Vanity’ methods that can be wrapped in the package means more efficiency as devs will not have to be re-inventing the wheel, duplicating code.

…Note: I called such a Vanity method, only because it was the first thing that popped into my head as a description.!