Suggest NOT forcing users to register to download the software for the hardware which I've already paid for

I was tempted to send back my shiny new Fez Panda II on general principle because of the need to give you personal identifying information in order to download the NEEDED SDK for the new hardware I bought. I suggest you make the registration either optional or tied somehow to the purchase. I don’t think it’s really necessary to give you PII information for software. I’m sure you are monetizing the PII information (I didn’t notice a privacy statement), so it’s really kind of a bait and switch sort of thing. That’s not very conducive to a trusting relationship.

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hi random user,

I understand your concern. I am not a GHI representative, just a forum user who has been here for many years now.

I don’t believe GHI use the registration info for ANYTHING other than registering your details for the downloads. I have NEVER had any spam or UCE sent to me that could have come from my GHI relationship.

We only use thus info, name and email for one reason, help us do some statistics on our software. You already posted here so you can now download with no other info. This is also the same log in for ordering. So for 90% of the users, they do not need a anything but click download.

We will happily learn from any feedback and pass to upper management.

All good points, thank you very much for understanding, and for opening my eyes both (andre.m you made a good point about RMA - something I hope I won’t need as I don’t plan on exposing JTAG on this one - I have other ARM devices I can JTAG already). I was frustrated because I was expecting a plug and play solution, much like Arduino. You pull it out of the box, download the software from a public link, plugin the USB cable and off you go. I realize now that .NETMF is in it’s infancy so there isn’t much precedence yet. Once the industry matures we will see the patterns that consumers want emerge and I’ll either adopt or be happy :).

Thanks again for the feedback all and thanks for listening to a cranky old man.

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@ Sohimo - What we offer is plug and play like arduino but also offers much more than arduino does. The difference is that this is more advanced and so there is more prepping to do but once that is done you can accomplish much more than any similar offer on teh market.

@ Sohimo - Welcome to the forum!

@ Sohimo - Be needed one more voice may not, but I’d like to echo that far from any nefarious use of personal info, my experience with GHI has been uniformly positive.

Even when I’ve been cranky I’ve received good service both in forum responses and directly from GHI - Heck, Gus even called me once to resolve a problem.

I am also just a forum user, and yes a privacy policy would show good form.