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Success with ST7735


Purchased some ST7735 TFT displays off of ebay. I got the ones without the SD card reader. I started with Brainpad code as Gus suggested to someone. I also used Bauland’s N18 code as a check. This link was useful for RoSchmi’s suggestion to use pullups-
I should mention I was working with FEZ and TinyCLR.

It sure is fun when things work.


@Bill_Wyo - its not real without pictorial evidence :wink:


Used a 330 ohm resistor between backlight and power. 10K ohm pull resistors.
The blue object on the right is the backside of the display.
It is my wife’s birthday.


it’s her birthday, and you got the surprise ! (that the screen was so simple to make working) :wink:


We have completely changed how graphics work with small displays. You are in for a big surprise in this coming release. So stay tuned and hold tight :sunglasses:


Hello everybody
Some examples of student projects made with NetMF. TinyCLR OS is not yet in production in Lycée Pierre Emile Martin - Bourges. :roll_eyes: I can not wait to see TinyCLR OS 1.0.0 preview 2. :heart_eyes: