StringBuilder.Replace Bug

Hello guys,
it looks like GHI is using an unpatched version of NETMF 4.2, as I get this bug when using StringBuilder.Replace:

   String replaced = new StringBuilder("My car is a a0a a1a a2a").Replace("a0a","blue").ToString();
            Debug.Print(replaced); // replaced:  yMy car is ablue a1a a2a

the above was already reported in netduino in the past here :

and a patch was provided by netmf team as explained here.

so why are we still seeing this bug ?


We typically only use the official release and that is NETMF 4.2 QFE2. Was this applied to official release?

yes the path seems to have been applied to 4.1

which is why I think it’s weird that it popped back again.

I hope it didn’t sneak into 4.3 already…

can you confirm the issue?

dang, I just tested it in a 4.3 console application and got the same bad results… so it looks like the bug got reintroduced in 4.2 and is already in the current 4.3 build…

reported the bug to netmf team, please vote: