String methods in .NET versus GHI 4.2

I’m trying to understand how the general c# methods (documented in the MSDN online pages) map to what’s in the classes used by GHI.

For example, if I want to see if a string is contained in another, the MSDN says use string.Contains().

But, if I try that in the VC#2010 environment with the GHI 4.2 SDK, it says that there isn’t a Contains() function.

So, I suppose I may have to write something to parse out my strings or better understand how things go together (or both).

Does anyone have insight to this?

Not everything from the full .NET framework is available on NETMF

Browse through the API doc for more

You can try to use IndexOf to work around contains ?

See String Members | Microsoft Learn

Ah. Thank you.

Sad, but I guess that’s where things are. :slight_smile:

Andre - your comment about it having “nothing to do with GHI” - can you explain further? I’ll hazard a guess that the NETMF is a subset of .NET - and that’s all in Microsoft’s hands. Is that it?

.NET Micro Framework is from Microsoft, a subset of the full .NET.

GHI does extend it with things like wifi and database but the core things like string manipulation is standard NETMF.

Thanks for the answers guys! I appreciate the help (as always)…

I can understand why the might not support the full set of functionality. Do they describe that anywhere?

yes, at the netmf API reference ! If its not there, then its not in netmf.