Straw Poll Panda II or Domino?

I am trying to decide between a Panda II and a Domino? Which is best? the project i have in mind uses RS232 and ethernet comms (for sending email)

Panda II exposes more IO, Domino exposes both USB host and USB client.

Unless you need USB host, the Panda-II gives you the most bang for the buck of all NETMF devices anywhere. It sounds like you are interested in maybe the RS232 Shield and Connect Shield (for ethernet). You might also consider adding those two to just a Panda if you don’t need all the extra I/O. GHI has one hell of a deal on them right now for ~$25.

Also, Panda has USBizi100 and Domino has USBizi144… you also might want to look at the Rhino, which has a spot to solder in the Wiz811MJ (or similar) ethernet module. The Connect shield brings ethernet to the other boards, but has extra features you may not need. Other Wiz5100 shields on the market add (unnecessary?) cost. Also, rumor has it there may be a new Wiz81x module that supports more than 4 sockets.

Panda One is OK as long as you don’t need an RTC. Panda II and Domino (and others) have the crystal onboard and the VBat pin exposed.

You guys rock. many thanks for the help.

@ ianlee74 where did you see that offer? is it for both the connect and the RS232 shield?
My pre ordered Spider kit hasn’t shipped yet so i might be able to persuade GHI to squeeze these in too if its still available :).

Im based in the UK but none of the UK distys have stock of the 232 shield but the do have Panda II’s etc


Cool, just found the same on one of the uk sites

[url][/url] :slight_smile:
£18.75 el cheap :slight_smile:

Awesome. Ordered Panda II from Cool components yesterday at 4.55pm and it arrived today at 11.30!!

Very Cool indeed.