Strange Issue

I have this very strange issue going on and it might not be related to the Panda II I’m using at all, but worth a shot to see what you guys think.

So, I have my Panda II setup as a USB Mass storage device. Long story short, it is going to plug into this other device and then copy images to it via the USB port it has. The thing is the Panda II is not recognized by the device.

I have tested the Panda on multiple platforms, Windows, Linux and Mac and it shows up on all systems. Also, when I plug a standard USB Flash drive into the device it is recognized; even all formats Fat16, FAT32 etc.

I have even tried using an AUX power source to rule out that the devices USB port isn’t giving the panda enough juice.

Why would this device not be able to recognize the Panda?

Thanks for the help!

Is the challenge to guess what is the" other device"? :frowning:

It is this high end Bore Scope used in Engines and such. It has a touch screen and when you go into your files you can export through USB and it shows the two available USB ports, but they are both ‘grayed’ out. If I plug a USB Flash stick in though it will tell me the drive it is plugged into.

Do you have the panda II setup for Mass Storage with debugging moved over to serial or is it a CDC? If it’s the latter, that might be the issue. The scope might lack the driver support to recognize the device.

@ Skewworks - When I use the Panda II I deploy the program, jumper MOD to GND and Mass storage works fine. Is that what you mean? Also, what do you mean by CDC?

Thanks for the reply.

CDC is a USB virtual serial port. All the premimum library devices have the ability to have a virtual com exposed while still allowing debug.

I never set the Panda II as mass storage using the jumper method; I always did mass storage in code which requires you to change debug to something other than USB so it doesn’t interfere.

@ Skewworks - I actually remember giving this a shot when I first started out with this project, but I never got the Debugging to work over a Com port. Is there a tutorial for this? I just tried looking, but came up with nothing.

jkane121 - from your description of Mass Storage working on other devices and the fact that your Bore Scope system shows the USB device as grayed out, I would suspect that the Mass Storage Driver isn’t working for the Bore Scope.

Skeworks has a lot more experience on this than I do, but I have an application similar to yours and I do jumper the mode pin to ground to achieve Mass Storage. The application switches between VCOM and MS as it runs.

@ idafez - The Bore scope doesn’t actually list the name as greyed out, just the USB port. To which it should go bold to tell me there is a USB Drive there and it is ready to copy.

I do also suspect the Scopes drivers, but all flash Drives work fine, that’s what has me. I have already emailed the Scopes company to ask how they go about recognizing USB drives.

have you tried to plug in a USB hard disk?