Straight from heaven, a 1GHz Linux computer that fits in your pocket!

What can you do with a 1GHz Linux machine that fits in your pocket? What if this machine also includes 2 programmable real-time 32bit units (PRU) running at 200Mhz? What if we added that it is also FCC/CE certified?

The answer is EVERYTHING! Go ahead and fly your quadcopter, control your 3D printer, automate everything around you!

Did we mention that it retails for only $25.00!

PocketBeagle® is the latest invention from the amazing team at We are proud to be part of this amazing launch as an engineering and a manufacturing partner. We have shipped thousands of boards to the distributors and many more are continuously coming off the production line. Grab yours today, no reason to wait! will be at the The Greatest Show (& Tell) on Earth, World Maker Faire New York, this weekend. Come to their booth and be among the first to get a glimpse of the smallest member of the family, the PocketBeagle®. We will also be running around the faire this weekend, if you see us please feel free to stop us and say “Hi”.

PocketBeagle® is powered by the tiny yet powerful Octavo Systems OSD3358 1GHz ARM® Cortex-A8.

By the way, PocketBeagle® retails for only… $25.00!

Learn more about PocketBeagle® and where it can be purchased at: - pocket


I will install Windows 10 LOL


Looks awesome!
Ethernet through SPI with ENC chip?

WHAT!!! Nah…

Cheaper than PI!? CHEAPER THAN PI!? How you all pull that off? The chip costs more than the board!

Nah, you can introduce a USB hub and use a 10/100 USB to ethernet dongle. Or a WIF dongle, or use a Gigabit dongle, or bluetooth, or all of them at once! Or just for the heck of it, attach the passive and magnetics and get back the internal gigabit. Or HDMI. Or use a usb video adapter… /rant.

You know now I’m going to have to buy a few right. Sigh.

Don’t even compare. You get 2 real time units. I hope you realize how much you can do with that.

The PI is a fine board but it is a complete different use.

We could do more if IT ever released the specs and api for the GPU.

TinyCLR OS and WIndows 10 IOT Core both run on it, right? (Concurrently, so I can switch back and forth in the fly)

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I’m thinking for more embedded applications without dongles etc. It does not appear the Ethernet lines are brought out the headers.

Aw, no Ethernet headers then. no biggy. WiFI FTW.

Also this device does not run Windows IoT.

This device should however run TinyClr OS :slight_smile: *pokes at Gus

Gus you look like you’re getting old. Time to take a vacation.

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Not to be a contrarian but no Wi-Fi built in either (at least that I can find) so it would need a dongle for that too.
Not complaining i think this is a great device and has my wheels turning.

Will there be any carrier boards available?

working on it


@Gus_Issa Come on…I’m still sitting in the office.

I saw a video of a guy who has a green pocket beagle. Looks like there were people who had it before it was announced.

Give Gus a beer…

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:beer: @Gus_Issa

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:sob: mouser has export restrictions on the pocket beagle. :cry:

How do I get my hands on it now?

Why do they have export restrictions? Cryptographic module too strong?

Unless you are in a country like N. Korea or Iran, shouldn’t be an issue.

I’ll reship one to you if you want.

Nah, they can only ship it to me directly. I foresee a host of customs problems in doing that. Also it would be expensive. My problem with them is why would that chip be classified as export restricted in the first place.