Storage module persistent to read/write cycles

hi Guys ,
i want to use TinyFileSystem for “a lot read/write/erase cycles” to store db and logs.

But as i want an storage system module to use but i don’t know what to use for this kind of work.
(at least 8Mb / 16 Mb)

But seem only way is to use FRAM “that have 10^13 read write cycles” could anyone have experience with those modules and what you prefer ones.


Some time ago ive used memory devices from Microchip.
Maybe its just becuase they sent me free samples and hooked me in that ive never bothered looking into other manufactues, but these devices fit my needs and budget.

problem is not density/capacity
but cycle read/write more as possible more than 10.000 and more than 100.000 …

and FRAM is only that i found till now"it is about 10^13 or cycle read/write …

because my project is heavy read/write “and sd card is gone within 5 week work”

for example : CY15B108QI

I dont know why but i guess i just glanced over that number, thats alot of write cycles.
And db and logs is likely alot of data…

If 5 weeks from 8/16Mb isnt enough, how about 640 weeks out of a 1/2 Gb memory card?!

About 2 GB MicroSD (first one gone less 5 week) second one (a little more 5 week) - aproximate 5 week…

there`s a lot write of the 5 mb - 7 mb files per hours (and than to delete it to create spaces for new ones,by deleted old ones after sending on server via wifi on test environment - on production wifi will be replaced by sim module for unreached/roads mountains)

What about a USB MSC hard disk device?

that is a reason i asked for storage to know what we can use with TinyCLR
and can be hard proof from often read/write failure

I have FRAM on some boards but have not implemented it in software yet. You can choose between SPI or I2C devices. They are not the cheapest memory but being nonvolatile and having virtually an unlimited number of write cycles nothing compares.

Microchip has serial EERAM which is RAM that is backed by a nonvolatile memory. There is enough capacitive storage on-chip that when power is removed the contents of RAM are automatically moved to nonvolatile memory. The largest density is 1Mbit in SPI. It is cheaper than FRAM but does not have the density. Serial EERAM | Microchip Technology

Microchip also has battery-backed NVRAM in SPI but again only up to 1Mbit.

*EDIT: The EERAM does require a 47uF to 100uF external capacitor.