Stop n go! why not go n stop?

Our developer Aron is having too much fun. Can you tell what is this?


a trio of RGB LEDs arranged in a traffic light configuration.

a mini traffic light? If it uses 3mm LEDs, it’s perfect for an HO train layout…

@ Brett - More like RYG :slight_smile:

are you telling me you can’t make R or Y or G from an RGB LED? :wink:

Show it in action! :wink:

I can tell you 3 RGB is 9 pins on a gadgeteer 7 pin socket :slight_smile:

I could turn that 9 upside down :wink:

I would say it’s an traffic light.

Hey we have a board like that in the lab but its part of a thermonuclear detonation device. You don’t want to be around when the red LED turns on :slight_smile:

After taking another look, it occurred to me that this doesn’t appear to be a Gadgeteer module. Perhaps a part for a robot kit or some other kit/tool to indicate status?

Don’t tell me you are thinking to a plastic for toy train’ railroad kit !!!

Countdown timer for remote/radio control car racing?