Stop motion video cannot play

This is the session:

M S>10









The file is saved on the SD card with 6kb but I cannot play it. Any hints?

Does your player support mjpeg? Which player? Have you tried a different player?

@ njbuch -

0x0000DB2E = 56K, not 6K. check your SD. Try to format or different SD!

Card problem. Works now.

Is it possible to press the button on the module for each stop instead of sending capture command?


Yes. Check on FAQ Gus posted.
Just is, you can not use both command and button in one movie. If start recording by the button, use the button all the time. If start by sending commands, use command, please.

Hmm, my english is not good enough to understand how to use stop-motion with button alone:

[quote]Q: How do I record a movie by using the button?
A: There are 3 kind of recording ALCAM supports.

  • Normal and Timelapse mode: For these modes, press and hold the button more than 3 seconds, but less than 10 seconds. ALCAM will think you wanted to update configuration if holding more than 10 seconds. After releasing the button, ALCAM will start recording.
    The red led must be blinking during recording.
    To stop, just need to press and release the button again (less than 3 seconds)
  • Stop motion mode: Same as 2 modes above for starting, press and hold the button more than 3 seconds to start recording, but less than 10 seconds.
    Different thing is, because in stop motion, ALCAM requires you to press then release the button quickly (less than 3 seconds) if you want to capture an image and add it into your movie. So to stop, instead of pressing and releasing quickly, you have to hold it more than 3 seconds.[/quote]

Is it:

  1. Start StopMotion by holding button 5 seconds
  2. Take one frame in the movie by clicking less than 3 seconds
  3. Stop movie by holding 5 seconds


@ njbuch -

  1. Start any movie: Hold 3-9 seconds. So 5 seconds is OK.
  2. if the movie is in Stopmotion mode, then yes, less than 3 seconds, meaning 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 2.9… are OK.
  3. if the movie is in Stopmotion mode. then yes, hold more than 3 seconds. if less then 3 second, ALCAM will think that you want to capture, not stop.
    But if movie is in normal or timelapse mode, doesn’t matter.

@ Dat - Great, but how to set ind stopmotion mode with the button? (I feel stupid!) :think:

Lets assume I want to do stopmotion, and nothing else, what to do?

@ njbuch -

You have to load the config file.

  • Use Explorer tool, generate the config file
  • Copy this file in the root folder with special name ALCAM.CFG into your media (SD/USB)
  • Connect the media to ALCAM
  • Press more than 10 seconds
  • less then 3 second => take a picture
  • 3 - 9 => record movice
  • more than 10 second => load cfg.
  • ALCAM will load new cfg when you released the button (of course after you hold more then 10s)
  • Success: the green LED will blink too fast
  • Failed: the green LED will blink too slow
  • Reset the board.
    New config is applied.

If VBAT is connected, all these config are saved for next reset, even disconnect power source.
If no VBAT, but don’t disconnect power source, these value is still saved after reset.

Press and hold the button from 3-9 seconds same as “M B” command, and “M B” command does not do any thing with movie mode, just start recording.

aha! The conf file was the missing link. So it’s not possible with the button.

Will investigate.


@ njbuch -

yeb, with the config file, you can change any configuration in ALCAM, movie mode is just one of them.