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STM32L4 Discovery Kit


ST has released an IOT cloud connected discovery board which talks to amazon AWS through built in wi-fi using a number of weather based sensors on the board (mouser part 511-B-L475E-IOT01A1, ST part B-L475E-IOT01A1). The processor is based on the Cortex M4.

Would it be possible to use TinyCLR on this board? My interest is more in monitoring ADC’s (4-20ma sensors), and driving a few relays through digital outs than weather stuff, but this board has ardunio connectors so that should accommodate that.

Or should I wait for the FEZ board to come out?



I doubt it since this is a L4 processor. It may not have enough ram and storage.


It has 1mb flash and 128kb ram so a port is possible.


Can you guys recommend a better ‘fit’ board, one of the nucleo boards maybe? It’s to replace a picaxe controller, I have something like 1000 lines of basic code running on that thing, and I’d like to move it over to tinyclr/ visual studio


The STM32L4 and STM32F4 are very different, sadly. You need a complete TinyCLR port to use L4.

FEZ is already through production. It is not far out if you want to wait a bit.


I’ve been trolling mouser, not yet lol - maybe 2 weeks?


What are you trying to do and how much experience do you have?