STM32F4 Generic TinyCLR OS Port

How hard would it be to create a generic STM32F4 TinyCLR OS port that would contain all the GPIO, PWM, UART, SPI, etc that the STM32F4 supports? This would allow those of us who are using the STM32F4 in custom boards to have a single port.

Any volunteers? :slight_smile:

Update: I’m thinking this will not work since there is a many to many relationship between addresses and pins (ie. TIM3_CH2 has many pins assigned to it and PA7 is assigned to many addresses).

We are starting this by adding a generic STM32F pin definition.


But if there was a Tech Talk, when GHI was ready, that gave one complete, step by step example for one set of desired periperals on one specific board; that would sure be a great starting point. For example, using one of the more capable STM Discovery boards (see Suggested Tech Talk: Intro to Porting TinyCLR OS - #3 by ianlee74), you could start with mapping additional external RAM and ROM (because they takes a lot of pins out of the mix and will probably require some special fiddling with the memory map or the loader or something), add an ETH Phy and/or map some pins for a popular WiFi Module, configure whatever UARTs are still available and then some I2C and SPI. Man, that would be awesome.

@gene, you’re mis-reading Gus’ hint. The way I read that, He will have awesome sauce for you out of the box, once the team deliver what ever they are cooking. I’ve used He as in God Gus, not just he Gus… :slight_smile:


I await the new revelations with bated breath.

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Why not give you both! A step by step video and give you a complete reference design to start with? I am all about the “awesome sauce out of the box” :sunglasses:

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It seems promising !