STM32F4 discovery board connect with FEZ Cobra II

Currently my project has one STM32F4 discovery board connect to laptop through Virtual Com Port for User Interface input on .net framework.
I understand that once I switched to FEZ Cobra II, I have to recreate my User Interface in .net micro framework.
How can I connect STM32F4 discovery board to FEZ Cobra II? I use FEZ Cobra II as main input which have to communicate with STM32F4 of sending and receiving data.

I am a newbie trying to use FEZ Cobra II. Please give me some guidelines and suggestions.

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You can connect them using UART (serial port) for example.

UART is good.

or you can try I2C, SPI, USB [Cobra II can be an USB host and the Discovery a USB device, you will have to create the custom device class]

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Alright. Thanks. I will try it out. I am still waiting for the board to arrive.

Hi, guys. I received my Cobra II board now. I am so excited to get it program but I hit the wall now.
I download all the files and documents that needed but now I stun at firmware update stage.
Which firmware should I be updating? Should I choose EMX(Fez cobra) or G120?
I want to program the FEZ cobra and display on the 7" touch display.
Any examples that I could refer?

Cobra II is G120.

Ya. But when I update firmware, it shows me four preferences. One of them is G120 and the other is FEZ cobra. So, I am confused now. Don’t know which should I choose to update because it matters. If I update G120, I will see debugger .net micro framework in my device manager. If I update Fez Cobra firmware, it will shows me Com Port.
Does anyone has this issue as well?

Can you post a screenshot of where you see “four preferences”? In any case you should use G120Updater.exe for your Cobra II board.

On my system it is located at the following path:

C:\Program Files (x86)\GHI Electronics\GHI Premium NETMF v4.2 SDK\Firmware Update

After I run the package setup and done with all the steps for USB driver. It will show on the next screen that which to select for update.
I cancel step 3 to step 5 because I already had it. I just want to show the last part.

Yes, use G120 option for Cobra II

@ Architect -

Sorry about butting in on this post but I do have a question…

How does the update I saw someplace fit in??

Update G120 Firmware Hotfix v4.2.9.1. Not really sure where/how to use if (If it should be used?)


There were some issues and GHI posted an hot fix. So It is the latest. I haven’t tried it myself yet, working on something else at the moment. But that will be the first thing I will do when I get back to my Cobra II.

@ Willgeorge, it addressed an issue in DHCP and network addresses, if you had that issue you should look at the thread and see if the update helps

I have FEZ Cobra II + CP7 touch display. I wonder which GUI should I use now? I have micro-framework template in my Visual studio 2010 with limited choices. The available choices are class library, console application, device emulator, and window application. Among four of them, only device emulator has form where I can put buttons, and other stuffs to create GUI but if I create project on device emulator, I couldn’t transport it to CP7 display. Where should I start to built my GUI and how will the programming behind the GUI icon different with windows form? and Is there any colorful and nice GUI I can use in building project.

You can use the CP7 emulator in CodeShare to emulate your screen

Glide is a free option for creating GUIs

Clix & Tinkr (from Skewworks) are commercial options for creating GUIs

There’s also a windows front-end for Glide from Skewworks called Motif.

Clix & Tinkr needs to pay. I am a student doing my senior year project where I don’t have enough funding to buy this software. Are there any free software which I can use to create GUI other than Glide?
So, GUI is created in .cs file where it is unable to pull and place button icons or other icons at any location I wanted to have, am I right?
I am familiar with creating GUI windows form. As far as I understand now, this is totally different, is it true?

Glide creates it in an XML file.

Clix & Tinkr don’t offer drag and drop (yet) but it is created in .cs and is very similar to creating in windows (uses X/Y instead of WPF layout).

Contact me directly and I’ll see what I can do about a student discount for Clix; make sure it’s from your school email :wink:

thom @ [myusername] dotty [com]

Okay. What will be the email address that I can reach you? On my guess, I should go to skewworks website and contact through the message.

In addition, I have trouble with wifi configuration. At university, I need to enter select network(mostly student network), enter username and password (unique username & password for every student) to gain access to internet. How will I able to enter username? As for now, I refer to other forums and sample wifi configuration, I only get the prompt to enter password. Is there any help I could refer to?

thom @ [myusername] dotty [com]

(that’s quoted from Thom’s message :slight_smile: )

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