STM32-F0 or ATTiny

I have looked at these two devices for their cost; and I must say so far I’m loving the F0. Which however is really better?

I am not sure what are you trying to compare here, these are two totally different microcontrollers. It is 8-bit vs 32-bit.

Correct, so for $2 dollars each which one is overall better? I’m expecting to hear that the F0 is better; more power and all, but I thought I should throw this question out just incase someone knows something about the AVR’s that would swing my decision.

What do you want to use it for? Look at what other components you need to get to make your project complete. How comfortable you are using available tools for each device, etc.

I haven’t used any of those tools; nor devices. I’m interested in replacing some discrete components with a µC (servo control and stepper current sensing application). Since micros are almost as cheap as the voltage comparators, transistors, resistors and another discrete components I’d planned to use; I just as well decided to to micros instead.

Ok let’s add a ton of description:

I need to detect when both phases of a stepper motor are switch off in enough time to engage an emergency brake. The brake is driven by a hobby servo, which I am removing the electronics from and going to control the motor directly. I use the pot in the servo to indicate if the brake is engaged or not. I need the host computer to know if the brake is engaged. This is the primary reason for gutting the servo. Hobby servo controllers don’t report their position to the system they are connected to. Dynamixel’s are too expensive. Modifying a servo with an OpenServo board would also be too expensive.

I have 10ms to detect the motor state and start engaging the brake.