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Still Image Wireless Surveillance Project


I think, based on what I’ve read in the forums and via google, that this project idea isn’t a good fit for the FEZ controllers, but I’d like to confirm that, because I’m intrigued at the idea of using my C# skills in an embedded environment.

Here’s the goal: build a solar-powered (w/battery backup) IR still image surveillance system that can be accessed over an 802.11 network. I don’t need streaming video, just the ability to capture still images at a rate between one image per minute and a few images per minute (“few” being less than or equal to 4). I do, however, want to capture reasonably high resolution images (i.e., 2 megapixel). I’d like to do that with an off-the-shelf webcam, because I need to modify it to use infrared light (which is easy to do, but requires disassembling and reassembling the webcam, and I’d rather not potentially ruin an expensive component).

If I’ve read posts and articles correctly, the current version of the FEZ software doesn’t support USB webcams. In addition, the hardware might not have enough memory and/or “oomph” to be able to serve up images of the size I’m contemplating.

BTW, I’m not adverse to trying to write a low-level interface to a USB webcam, but I’ve found surprisingly little documentation on how to do that. Almost all of the available information is geared more towards serving and capturing streaming video, not still images.

Thoughts, leads and links greatly appreciated.

  • Mark


The posts were old and referring to USBizi which has plenty of RAM but not ideal for image processing which require more RAM. Now, we also offer FEZ Cobra which has full image support, JPG, GIF and BMP.

We still do not support USB webcam but you can use IP cameras or serial cameras like this one