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Sticker Circuits


From MS Research:

Now, that is a rapid prototyping!


I had lunch with 2 of those people today :smiley:


Thanks for sharing … sounds very interesting!

I wonder if it will support QFPs - because that would be AWESOME!


@ Justin - sounds like an interview?


J - are you working for MS now? MIght as well be. Seems like you spend an awful lot of time hanging out with this crew…


@ ransomhall - nah, i was just angling for a free feed and gossip :whistle:


@ Justin if I was on that side of the pond maybe I’d have to take you out for a feed and some gossip, but since I’m not we’ll have some dark suits come swinging though your windows one night soon to talk business :).


Wow. Did they show you samples? Will the technique work for a relatively complex boad… say something the equivant of the Medusa Tiny?


nah, i saw much more whizzy stuff :smiley: