Stepper motor with a hollow shaft

Is there a stepper motor out there with a hollow shaft? If not, then what do you suppose is the practicality of building a stepper motor?

The closest that I have seen is a linear stepper motor. It’s “shaft” is just a nut that rotates. This moves a thredded rod.

I have never seen a normal stepper with a hollow shaft.

Building a stepper with more than 10 steps per revolution will be tough…

Maybe you can open a motor and replace the shaft, although that will be tough as the shaft is pressed in or worse…

What about running a gear with the motor to the side of a hollow shaft with another gear
There will be some added backlash i guess…

Yea, backlash is a problem there. Ah well.

Ahem … Tadaaa one 66mm hollow shaft stepper

I am sure here is what you want

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nice post - welcome.

Not practical, because the shaft can break easier.

EDIT: Let me clarify, not for large motors because the shaft can break/bend easier.

You can’t open the motor without special equipment, because if you touch the magnet to any metal part, the magnet will be demagnetized to 1/3 of it’s original strength. Steppers are magnetized after they are built.