Stepper L6470 Module


I just purchased a mainboard and a Stepper L6470 Module.

For the module, I see there is some sample code for some basic routines to drive a motor and get some status.

My question is there documentation for the whole API somewhere, or perhaps some sample code for setting up that might need to change based on motors?

Thanks in advance.

Source code for all GHI Gadgeteer Modules is publicly available at For this module:

A link to the datasheet for the controller chip is in found under the resources tab of the product catalog entry for the module:

Another example was added to the Developers’ Guide, also found under the resources tab of the product catalog entry.


Thanks for the responses. I have seen those web pages. I was hoping to find some docs on the modules API, though looking at the source can/will help.

I should be getting my mainboard and controller modules here in a day or so.

Perhaps I will build a “walkthrough” based on my playing around with things. Diagrams of connecting motors, etc.

Thanks again for the pointers.

@ Wolfex - if you would like to see a module’s API, select it in the designer and hit F1.

@ Wolfex - Please build a walk through for this, after spending a lot of time trying to get my stepper motor running, I’m about ready to give up. I am setting registers by creating a new RegsStruct and setting values before passing it into “SetRegisters” but I still get “Over-current detection” errors (and other errors) no matter how high I set it. I’m actually thinking about just finding a way to turn some of these warnings off since I know the power settings to my motor and have the right power supply for it.

@ willisl - post your code.
i have a simple sample if you want to have a look.
biggest thing i found for my particular motor was setting the max speed register to a lower value else as the beach boys once sang it just had Good Vibrations

Yes please post all the code you have, we would love to add it to the docs (and/or) codeshare

@ Justin - Thanks for the quick reply, the code I have is very long but I can tell you exactly what I did.

I looked at how the Stepper_L6470 board sets its default register settings by looking at the Code Plex Gadgeteer site and looking at the “Stepper_L6470_42.cs” file. (Sorry, could not post a link). This can be found by going to the Gadgeteer CodePlex site and click on the “Source Code” tab. Next, using the tree control on the left side of the page, navigate to “Main/Modules/GHIElectronics/Stepper_L6470/Software/Stepper_L6470_42/Stepper_L6470_42.cs”

I then copied the “InitializeChip” function and all the associated functions into my project. I tweaked the settings to try to get my motor running but so far I have had no luck.

I tried to post links to the motor and its datasheet as well as the Gadgeteer CodePlex site but it looks like I am unable to do so.

If you have some sample code I will be more than willing to try it out on my motor to see if I can get it running.