Stepper control Cerberus / L298 Module


Anybody had success driving a stepper motor (4 wire) with the GHI L298 Motor module?

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That board is for DC motors not Steppers

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Thanks for your reply. Yes, it’s intended for a DC motors, but it’s a 298 so I thought it would be possible. Plenty of arduino boards driving steppers are based on L298.

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LittleStep modules work pretty good with steppers…

@ derKroon - Indeed but not possible in its current guise.
But as soldermonley mentioned there are other options :slight_smile:

As well as Soldermonkey’s stepper module I think GHI is also releasing one?
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I purchased 3 of your Stepper Drivers a couple of days ago. No info yet on shipment, please check your email.

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