Stephen Hawking: No Black Holes..Sort Of

Well, it has been one day shy of an entire month since Stephen Hawking released a paper, reversing his beliefs on the physics surrounding black holes. Hawking has spent the last 40 years promoting the views that are now widely accepted as well as taught in schools.

His previous views were based on the Theory of General Relativity, however, he is favoring quantum physics with his new research. He is mainly discrediting the current perception of the event horizon, which information, as we know it, is lost. To fit nicely with unitarity, there is now an ā€˜apparent horizonā€™ where information gets mixed. The information is also now only held temporarily, until conditions are right within the black hole and itā€™s apparent horizon are right, and then it is expelled.

Here is a news article (they probably make it much clearer than I can) about his paper:

Here is the page on Cornell University Library, in which you can download a PDF version of the actual submission:

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Dude I heard about this too. It makes you think what else is going to change when new information or theories get developed.

Yay science:D

There is one good thing about science in generalā€¦ The usually can admit when they are wrongā€¦ most of the timeā€¦ ;D

When the funding ends? :wink: