Stealing from the children for my hobby

I always struggle to read the markings on the chips and I have pretty good eyes. So I “borrowed” my daughters USB microscope and after seeing how well it actually works I think I am going to have to claim it…


I use this one, Whitehorse was recommandes buy members or this bobard à while back. And it’s pretty good:

@ Jay Jay - That looks nice. I will have to get one, I don’t think my daughter is going to let me keep hers.

Btw. This is the one the pic was taken with

I’ve been using the ipevo and I even got the extra magnifying attachment which is really good … I’ll take some pictures…

@ taylorza - Make sure to check Amazon. Last time I checked, it was the best price there. Now that you are in the USA I recommend Amazon Prime. 2 day free shipping is awesome!!! And you get free Amazon Video with Prime as well.

Tayloza, I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who’s eyes are starting to fade as I’m getting older. I also have one of these which I originally bought for electronic work but have found various other uses for it as well. Definitely a useful tool.

I hope that’s not your soldering technique on those connectors or we will be calling you Mr Blobby? :stuck_out_tongue:

As for visual impairment, I suffer the same these days and I went out and purchased a pair of bifocals for this reason. The bottom is 4x magnification and the top is plain glass. Great for doing those 0.5mm pitch connectors and IC’s.

Another pair I have is adjustable glasses. I found these in my local opticians.

I wondered if and who would comment on my soldering, that was the very first soldering I did (not that I have improved much) and sadly the DL40 did not work after that :slight_smile: Never let a software guy near the iron… I have successfully soldered other DL40s, I can’t say the soldering is much better but they still work.

I was getting worried about my eye sight, to the point that I even asked my kids if they could read the print on the LPC1113. They could not read it either, or so they say, maybe they were just being kind.

@ Architect, thanks for the tip on Amazon, I will definitely be doing that!

@ Taylorza - Ive got the same USB microscope. Its really quite good. I put a spider (which my daughter forced me to “Deal with”) under it the other day and spooked myself.

@ taylorza
Just wondering, have you try to connect those to a Net MF device with USB Host?

No. but the thought crossed my mind.