Starting Pin Numbers of G120 TH GXP header


I just received my new G120 TH board. IO header pins are pretty clearly marked on board.

What is difficult to find out what are GPX header pins 1, 2, 39 and 40 i.e. which side starts from one.

It is quite poorly marked on the board. Any help?

  • jari

Top row far right is pin 1.

thanks Cardinale, here is a better picture showing PIN 1, correct?

It’s labeled on the backside.
Next to P0.10 is pin 1, so you are right :).

@ jari - I had this exact same issue. You’re not alone.

technically, that “1” on the back side looks more likely to be on the header that runs the side rather than the GXP. If it’s meant to be the GXP header, then it should be rotated 90*. And if anyone cracks open the board files to do that, also just add the same, or a dot, on pin 1 on the top. :slight_smile:

The board should be marked of course so you plug things in correctly but the real issue here is that the documentation should have this information in the first place.

I prefer to mark the pin 1 with a small CIRCLE on the board if there is no room to place any numbers. Easier to see too.

I also prefer to make PIN 1 SQUARE and the others are all round.

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