Starting again with the Dev Board

Hi gang, I just got a Rev E Dev board for my UC5500 and a nice shiny 7 inch display, and thought I’d get started programming. Initially with the display off, just a hello world. UC5500 updated to latest firmware using TinyCLR config, firmware core and device is, assemblies are mscorlib

A am having difficulties getting this stuff working on VS 2019 preview, so I ended up uninstalling VS 2019, and went back to VS Community 2017. Had difficulties with that so I did a new install of 2017 Community Edition, and am diligently following the ‘first steps’ on the GHI page.

Installed VS 2017 (.net desktop), then installed the extension for TinyCLR. Checking under extensions, it indicates that Version 1.0.103 is installed, with the flag to update the extension activated.

Created a NEW project, C sharp, TinyCLR console ap, it created the ap, the little cs.prog file, and gave an error that the project needs to be saved, saved it. Right.

Clicked on tools, manage nuget package, selected “ALL” for the package source, clicked browse, and typed in tinyclr. The only version of tiny CLR that shows up is the prerelease version V1.0.0-preview2, the release version does not show up for some reason. Installed all of the components, and check that they all show up under references. Great, but why can’t I find the released versions? If I unselect the “Include prerelease” checkbox, they all go away.

OK, on to cs.prog. I type in debug.writeline etc, and debug is an error, not recognized. I include a new reference “using System.Diagnostics”, and debug now is fine. I note that the sample on the getting started page doesn’t have diagnostics in there, and works without it, mine didn’t, probably a change between the prerelease and the final released version?

OK, I hit run, no errors, and the bar at the bottom of the screen goes from blue to brown (deploy succeeded), the the system reboots to start the debugger. I hear the usb sound for usb disconnection, but not the immediate reconnection that you normally hear when the system fires back up. at the top of the screen, VS says: “Extension TinyCLR OS Project System 1.0.103 likely caused 5 seconds of unresponsiveness. Disabling it may improve your experience”.

I disagree with their statement, I don’t think that removing tinyclr is going to do much for getting that hello world to materialize lol. The output window says waiting for debug commends…

Just in case that hooking up the barrel jack power supply to the dev board might be preventing the UC5500- from rebooting properly, I have tried this with the auxiliary power connected, and also just using the USB client connected.

Is there something different that I have to do with the Dev board to get it work properly? And why can’t I get the latest nuget package??

And also, just checking that this stuff doesn’t yet work on 2019, installing that gives an error that the installation needs VS MPF version 15.0, and the latest build hasn’t fixed that issue that I can see at least… But no worries, I am fine at 2017.


Wops, output goes in the immediate window, I thought it showed up in the output window… There were the hello world’s…

We will support vs2019 but for now we haven’t done any work there just yet.

I just double checked, and my version here is 1.0.103 just like you have. And I have no issues with nuget!

What happens if you try to open one of the samples here?
Those samples are built with the release libraries.

Hmmm, the relased packages are def on NuGet, I just checked and just searching NuGet default repository the none preview release are there.
Is there any chance you have edited the default URL’s for NuGet under Tools Package Manager settings - Package Sources and looking at a non-default NuGet Repo?
Default is

I to have recently seen that warning re TinyCLR Extention Un-responsive, but seem to work ok if ignore.
Gus, is there any suggestions on how to assist with fault finding that issue?


The warning. This is somewhat normal as the extension will be take a while to get response from an external hardware. However, we are revisiting the extension and will look into this.

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Got’ter fixed, I had VS pointed to a local libary, I manually updated that and now have the correct versions loading. And set VS to ignore the warning so all is good. Thanks folks!

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