Started Guide for cerberus/cerbuino

Recently i got a mainboard (Cerbuino Bee) I’d like to know if the started guide on this link( , when im starting to deploy i got an error called: led7R dosn’t exist

Im newbie on this, do u know if the tutorials on official page really help?

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You need to add that module in designer.

I did but i think the Program.cs file needs something more than the guide says, dunno and in Program.generated.cs there is automatically generated a code:

    private void InitializeModules()
        // Initialize GTM.Modules and event handlers here.		
        led7r = new GTM.GHIElectronics.LED7R(3);
        joystick = new GTM.GHIElectronics.Joystick(4);



The message says “led7R” does not exist, but the code you are showing has the variable “led7r”. Case does matter.

What Mike said. :slight_smile:

my fault i just copied and pasted following the instructions, thx Architect and mike, i didnt check if the variable matches, I still with doubts of this, does someone know about a kind of manual that could help me to know more about Cebuino Bee?, basic examples with only this mainbord.

A lot of examples are non board specific with the exception of pin differences - the beauty of NETMF. What are you trying to do?

use serial port to communicate by Xbee moudule, I already know how to use them but i have no idea how to use cerduino mainboard