"Start Debugging" problem

I have built a demo board with EMX Module by myself and the layout of the board is almost same as Cobra board.

After rebuilding Solution my project and pressing “F5” I got often the indication from Visual Studio(see picture).

I choose “No” normally and I press “F5” again, and the project can be flashed into EMX. The project runs well after flashing.

I don’t understand why. what’s wrong with my EMX? Have my hardware problem?

This may happen when your board is not seen by Visual Studio. Check that in your project properties that EMX is seen in the .net microFramework -> Deployement Transport USB and Device is EMX.

I’ve had this happen to me on a number of occasions. Haven’t really been able to place it down to one thing yet.

Things to try:

Are you plugging into a usb3 port? Try using usb2 instead. Admittedly my problems with this are usually related to going into ghi bootloader mode, but it may help.

Delete your bin folder and re-build the project. Starting getting this message constantly once, and the only way to get rid of it it was to do this.

This looks he same as an older issue on the gadgeteer platform to do with the ghi driver. There is a new winusb diver with the latest Sdk I think.

@ leforban -

thank you for your answer! I will check “Deployement Transport”, before I click “F5”.

Thank you for your suggestion. I have tried it ever since yesterday . My plugging was in usb and I have plugged into usb2 now. Before clicking “F5” I deleted bin folder and re-build the project. but it seemed debugging didn’t always run successful.

Debugging ran sometimes well without this indication message, and sometimes not well, this indication message happened.

I will try it, I have not updated the latest winusb diver and Sdk. my “Microsoft .NET Micro Framework” is 4.1. I have seen that there is latest Sdk in GHI homepage.

Thank you for help!