Start Coding Circuits with .NET 8 Today!

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We are thrilled to announce the release of Endpoint Domino, a circuit allowing developers to take advantage of the FULL .NET 8 framework on hardware. Endpoint even extends the available libraries with CAN, Analog, Neopixel, and Signal Processing.

World Class Debugging over USB

Use Microsoft Visual Studio or VS Code from your development machine to remotely debug and deploy .NET C# applications right on the hardware.

SITCore and Endpoint platforms complement each other in the .NET C# space. Endpoint uses a multi-process system with a wide-open-door to possibilities and complexities. SITCore is a tightly controlled commercially-proven system. SITCore is recommended for commercial applications where security and stability are a must.


Finally! :champagne: Let’s see how creative we all can be with .NET 8 on a small board :nerd_face:


Alrighty time to throw out everything and study. Now i can formally kiss rpi goodbye.

First off does it support bluetooth usb dongles or do i need a module? Same goes for wifi.

Edit: great it does. Are they specific devices? If so is there a known good list?

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We are just getting started. What you see today is just the step one of a thousand steps :grin:


How long will those boards stay at that price?

What do you think the price should be?

The price should be exactly what it is now :grinning:


How utterly strange. I’m a seasoned .Net/C# developer and have been on this site for years, seeking ways to use .Net on an MCU. I’ve been working in C on various STM32 boards recently.

After not visiting the sit for a long time, a few minutes ago I thought, “I wonder what those GHI guys are up to, how is TinyCLR coming along.”

As soon as I arrive here I saw this Endpoint stuff, truly amazing, so I just ordered a board!

Incidentally, does the board have a manual? what specific ARM CPU is used?

Welcome back. It is STM32MP but that shouldn’t matter when you are coding in .NET

I am getting the following when I try to load the GHI website.

Could this be a false positive? We will check

We have checked and there isn’t seem to be any issues. This has to be a false positive.

Thanks Gus. It opened without the warning this morning.


Muhahaha. Yes!. YES!!!

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For evaluation and excitement only :rofl:

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