Star Citizen

I’m just curious:
Is anyone else here into Start Citizen?

I pay my taxes and vote. I have served in the military. I guess I am a star citizen. :slight_smile:


Well …
not sure what you’re talking about :think:
I meant:


Looks like World of Warcraft in space.

Don’t say that. I don’t like WoW :smiley:

I’m not an MMO guy. But Star Citizen could also get great for single player.
For someone who likes space sims the single player campaign should be worth the minimum pledge.

I guess I didn’t know what you were talking about… :smiley:

I was involved in the initial kickstarter campaign. I’ve not been keeping track though.

It’s not that I’m an power gamer, but I have a ship, already looked at it in the Hangar Module, …
But would be nice to know someone in that universe as soon as it starts to be online :slight_smile:

How do I go about downloading the hanger module?

Go to

Select “Star Citizen” in the top bar, then “Hangar Module”
scroll down te see instructions.

This link should work directly:

Don’t take the hardware requirements to exactly.
It runs fine on my machine with 1st gen Core i7 and 6GByte RAM.

Thanks. I’ll do this when I get home later. Looks like I’ve got a:

300i by Origin Jumpworks

I’ve also been involved with Star Citizen for awhile now. I tend to ignore the updates to most things I support, but Star Citizen puts out some good videos. I recommend checking them out. Looking forward to the dog fighting module.

I’ve also supported Camelot Unchained and Shroud of the Avatar if you’re interested.

If your looking for a serious but fun guild/community to play with I recommend checking out Sinister Swarm. They have a ventrilo server (VoIP) that is very active. Usually around 50+ people online at any time. All playing different current games so there is always someone to chat/play with. Very friendly group of people from all over the world.

Two casual games I currently play are DOTA 2 and Marvel Heroes both of which are Free to Play. I plan on playing Elder Scrolls Online and WildStar when they come out.

Now you know a little to much about me… fades away lol

Me too 8)

I’m also on the Shroud of the Avatar.

Been playing SWTOR, D&D Online and WoW but bored with those now.

I took part in the last beta of Elder Scrolls online and will probably wait till it comes out on XBox one before signing up.

Not heard of DOTA 2 will have to have a look.

Looks like you have way more time for playing games than me.
@ GHI: Josh needs way more work :wink:

Being casual tends to keep the required time down :wink: